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Marcelino Martínez was established in 1959 in Porriño, Galicia.
More than 60 years ago, we started our activity with the opening of the first quarries in Galicia.

Soon, our customers were asking us for more varieties of granite, so, in order to satisfy the demand and offer them a wide range of granites, we have expanded to the main granite deposits in Spain, Portugal and Venezuela.

Currently, we have 20 active quarries and two manufacturing plants, which allows us to offer to our customers finished products such as granite slabs, tiles, paving stones, kerbstones, and custom-made granite pieces, for any volume of demand and adapted to the needs of each project.

From the quarry,
to the project site

From the quarry, to the project site

We know that a good selection of raw materials, guarantees the success of any project. All granite blocks are classified and selected by our specialised staff through a strict quality control process.

In our manufacturing plants, we work hard to optimise the granite transformation processes. New technologies and procedures allow us to develop in a way that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the capacity of future generations.

The location and easy access to our quarries and deposits and the proximity to the port of Vigo, guarantees supply and delivery within tight deadlines.

Quarrying and material selection

Quality Control

Block cutting and sawing